Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vactions over...

Winter Vacation is over, but the fear of stepping on the scale haunts me.
The voices talk to me saying things like -

"Look at you, you look like you've gained 5 pounds! You need self-control you fatty"

"I told you, you should never have eaten those doughnuts!"

"A moment on the lips, a life-time on the hips."

"You should've worked out more and now you know it."

It is these voices that bring up the courage in me to go and run ten miles, no stopping!
But then, I remember how much of a burning passion of hate I have for running. It hates me. I hate it. It's a good relationship in that sense. I'd much rather go and swim 5 miles and just say the yardage of the swim without mentioning the fact that I stopped every 100 yards to wait for my send-off.
(Those of you who have no idea what that means... look it up =D )

But now, my daily 2 1/2 hour workout starts again.
I gotta work that cake off now ...

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