Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, I wish I could say I have a huge post planned for today, but unfortunately, I'm stuck at a place where I have no idea what to write. NONE. I don't know what's wrong with my brain. But it seems like it never wants to do its job! Which is thinking! I know, maybe I just need some mental therapy or something. I'll just start seeing a therapist. That's what I'll do.
I can only imagine the first meeting....
Therapist: Hello Miss... uh, Christina? Is it?
Me: Christiana actually, but my friends call me Tia.
Therapist: Well I am here to be your friend, so may I call you Tia?
Me: Ya, of course.
Therapist: Of course, now. Tia, what seems to be the problem?
Me: My brain isn't working.
Therapist: Please indulge further.
Me: Okay... The thing inside my head will not to its job.
Therapist: No, I mean what do you mean it's "not working"
Me: Um. Well, I don't know. See my brain won't think for me, like it's supposed too. So I can't answer that question because it involves thinking, which I am incapable of doing.
Therapist: ...
Me: You see, the complex organism inside my cranium has the irreplaceable job of doing the work for the body. It must do the things that are second nature, it must also do the things you, the owner, tell it to do. And do them well. My brain doesn't seem to do any of those things. At all. I can't talk without messing up at least one sentence. I can't climb a rock wall without falling.
Therapist: Um, I think you are seeing the wrong person dear...
Me: What???? I need help!!!! Therapists are supposed to give help!!!!!!! Why aren't you helping me??
Therapist: Because you don't need a mental therapist. You need a speech therapist. You cannot speak one sentence without messing up because your mouth is not moving fast enough for your words to come out. And you cannot climb a rock wall without falling because, frankly, you are not athletic. Do you understand?
Me: Oh...

Well, maybe a therapist wouldn't be such a great idea after all..........

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