Thursday, January 15, 2009


What annoys you? What makes your life hard?
For me... it's the little 7 year old (whose name I will not mention) that lives in my house.
For me... it's the fact that people come over to my house, when I'm at swimming
For me... It's my coaches who tell me swimming is life, when I know it's not, and I can't contradict them cause I'll be kicked out of practice.
For me... It's the way I treat the people closest to me.
For me... it's the way I act around my swimming "friends" which is uptight, not myself, and just plain weird.
For me... it's those stupid "That's what she said" jokes that are said every 3 seconds.
For me... it's the fact that I can't touch my elbow with my tounge
For me... it's the fact that I can play the chromatic scale flawlessly alone, but when showing someone I mess up every note.
For me... It's the fact that snow is cold.
For me... it's the fact that they cut out Christopher Robin on The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
For me... it's Burritos to Go by Victor Lopez
For me... it's the fact that I just realized I didn't finish my math for today yet........


  1. Wanna know something that isn't annoying?

    That God in his mercy and kindness sent His only Son to die for us, people that didn't deserve His kindness at all.

    I find that encouraging.

  2. That is really cool Josh
    Thanks Sara =D

  3. Hey There Tia...
    Amazing and totally heart felt post. I love personal poetry. It's so inspiring and allows a deep meaning to be conveyed to the reader. Oh, and I really love the picture of you group-hugging, you look so good!
    Much love from over here,

  4. I don't think I can touch my elbow with my tongue... :P

  5. I know! It's impossible... or so they say...


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