Thursday, January 8, 2009

South Fayette Schools, and their Middle School band

South Fayette, home of the Little Green Machine, is a very acclaimed school. Wherever I go, if I'm wearing a South Fayette shirt or hoodie, people say "Oh! You're from South Fayette! Their band is awesome!"
Of course, they speak of the High School band. The dancing Little Green Machine.
The middle school band however.... they are.... let me put it this way, "challenged". It's a 7th/8th grade band that doesn't even march. All we do is sit and play. Simple enough, right?
Very few of the younger group know what they are doing, with exceptions of a few talented people. And even some of the older section need help on the simple things. And by, "they don't know what they are doing." I mean "they don't know what they are doing."
2/4 time, 3/4 time, 4/4 time, all very, very basic. Honestly! we don't even get into 6/8 time, or 12/8 time and they are asking what an eighth note is.
Some people get called on and don't even know what we were just talking about!
It'd be like you saying to me,
"1+1 = 2, now what's 1+1?"
And me saying "Um, 4?"
It's insanely frustrating and our teacher is about to go insane. He has to spend 15 minutes explaining what a quarter note is! That's 1st grade stuff!
I don't know what they aren't doing. They have to not be doing something. But what is it?!?!?!?

It's driving me insane!!!

Here is a link to watch the Little Green Machine
(the quality is poor because of the seating on our bleachers at South Fayette, they sound soooo much better, but you can see them dancing)

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