Monday, January 26, 2009


Alright so I have allot of catching up to do here...

1. I'd like to ask for prayer for my grandfather, grandmother, and all my aunt and uncles that are taking care of him. My grandfather recently was admitted into the hospital and was diagnosed with a minor stroke.
Even though doctors now can do many things, I'd like to ask for prayer for wisdom for the doctors. Relief of any pain for my grandfather, and strength for my grandmother as my aunts and uncles as they go through this time with us. I'd like to ask for prayer for myself too. I need help not to worry and be crying constantly, but trust that God knows what He is doing.

2. I got my braces off! Now it's only 9 months away from being a total unmetal-mouth. My retainer is killing me! Pain....
Can you say, ouch?

3. I got a new phone finally! Online discounts rock! =)

Tell me what's going in your guy's life buy leaving a little comment :)


  1. my life is crazyness! with school and stuff i hardly have time for blogger! =D

    Congrats on getting you braces off! I haven't even gotten mine on yet.

    I want to get a new phone, but I can't upgrade til my birthday which is in August so I'll have to wait a while...............


  2. Anna-
    Heyyyy hahaha
    omg me too! these days are flying by wayyyyy to fast. hardly any time for anything

  3. I was going to ask what kind of phone you got, but no avail: I see you have also gotten an Envy. For some reason, I can't stand that phone. It's probably the snob appeal in me saying, "Everyone gets that phone." I'm personally still on the look out for phone that runs on T-Mobile.. I found a Verizon Razr in a recycling bin, but upon dissecting it and trying to combine it with my AT&T Razr, I discovered it could not be done. Oh well.

    So I put it on Craigslist and traded it for a broken iPod Video, which I should be able to fix. Yay!


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