Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The angry childhood, and the consequences I now have

I was an angry baby.
That's pretty much it, but I bet you want me to explain. Brace yourself, because you might learn some things you never knew before...

When I was a young one, I was so "muscular"(fat) that the doctor could barely lift me up to put me onto the scale.

When I was a little older, I pulled my grandmothers arm out of its socket because I didn't want to leave the grocery store. (yes, I pulled it out.)

When I was the same age, I would look at the candy in the aisle of the grocery store and, obvisouly, want some candy. Of course, I'd end up picking the most expensive thing and when I was told I couldn't have it, I would throw a fit. I do not mean those wimpy little crying fits. I mean on the floor, rolling around, crying my eyes out, banging my head on the floor as hard as I possibly could, and screaming louder than a firetruck siren fit. (Now THAT's a fit) And if you think I'm joking, ask my mother. She got stares. Oh yeah, those death glares from the old people that say "Hmph, parents these days. Can't raise their kids at all." or the classic "SHUT YOUR KID UP OR I WILL!" stares.
I never did get my candy..........

When I was a tad older, we were shopping at the grocery store (SHOCKER) and one thing after another happened, and badda-bing badda-boom, there I was throwing another fit. But this time, it was not on the floor, it was not in the door, it was not with my grandma but it was in the seat of the grocery cart. Now, back in my day (like 11 years ago =D ) we weren't required to wear the little safety straps they provided, if they were even there. So anyway, I was everywhere, my head looked like it was gunna pop off. By this time, my parents were used to my fits, so they ignored me. Feeling left out, I threw my head forward and hit the handle bar. All of the sudden I started screamng even louder, which was not humanly possible, giving me the feeling I'm from planet Wacko. So they look over at my ear-drum breaking screaming and see that one of my front bottom teeth is sideways. Yes, all the way sideways. It went from this to this - . If you know my mom, you'll know that this was like death. I might as well have been laying on the floor with a bullet in my head. So since my tooth was so out of order, my dad ran into the section of the store where they had the stinky fish, grabbed some ice, and stuffed it into my mouth. They rushed me to the doctors and he popped it back into place, so now it was straight again. However, the doctor said that since my baby tooth got knocked out the way it did, it could have some permanent damage to my adult tooth. And WHATDOYOUKNOW, he was right. The adult tooth now has hypoplasia. Don't get to excited there, it's nothing life-threatening. It just means that the tooth has no enamel. Which means I have to get selences allot. But, it does have a pretty sick name. And you know what else? Even though I am diseased , I can't get a disability parking sticker :'(

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