Friday, January 16, 2009

Music and Cold

So, music is a big part of my life, hence my email address.
But, I've realized as of late the music I listen to probably isn't healthy for me. So I've been looking for some songs that would be better for me mentally, and have a catchy tune =)
So far, I've discovered (in the order they show up on my iPod lol)
  • Never Alone- BarlowGirl
  • If we are the body- Casting Crowns
  • Collide- Krystal Meyers
  • The Way to Begin- Krystal Meyers
  • Brave- Nicole Nordeman
  • Cinderella- Steven Curtis Chapman (I'm obsessed with that one)
  • Revelation- Third Day
  • And of course all Switchfoot
Now, I know for allot of people, that's nothing. But for me it's a start.
Wow... I'm a dork....

So, besides my musical revelation, SCHOOL WAS CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That means friends can come over, we can head to the sauna and cry over The Notebook, which, by the way, is the saddest movie ever.
But, the reason school was canceled, was because of the bitter cold.
I very strongly dislike the cold. Very much.
I'm convinced it was the result of the fall of Adam and Eve.
I don't know why I'm adamant about it, I think it's because my feet are constantly cold. But I don't know for sure.
Am I alone in this?
I feel the need to defend myself, even though no one is telling me I'm wrong yet.
But I'll go out and play in the snow! I will!
Just as long as I have enough layers on. And I'm warm, and not cold...

I need help. :'(


  1. Miss Tia....I understand, and feel the same way about 'healthy' music...right now, I can't get enough of Chris Tomlin..I'm instantly ushered into a spirit of matter what I'm doing. Listen to some of his "Hello Love" cd...especially "I will rise"...stops me in my tracks! (ask my girls!) Love, Mrs. G

  2. I don't think that cold is a result of the fall. That would mean that there wasn't any cold beforehand. The only way that could be accomplished would be to either crank up the greenhouse effect, or make a second sun to heat the earth on the side that isn't exposed by our present one. Either endeavor would result in an earth that is hostile to life.

    Plus, if there wasn't cold, there would be no ice climbing, and what fun would that be?

  3. Thanks Mrs. G! I will definitely take a listen!

    Andrew- Haha, I know that cold wasn't the result of the fall. I think I just wish I could enjoy it.
    Ice Climbing sounds fun... but it also sounds like the kinda thing where my dorkiness would kick in and I'd end up falling into a very painful next 10 minutes.


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