Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, I did ok last night in the 1,000.
It was as horrible as I thought, but I got through it.
Then today I had the same meet but different events. I had the 100 backstroke and dropped a second.
Then I swam the 200 Butterfly and dropped a second and qualified for finals... so when I swam at finals I had dropped a total of 5 seconds in my 200 Butterfly.

Yes. This does mean I dropped 4 seconds from my time this morning at finals =D

I was sooo happy!!!

Then we went out to eat at Eat 'n park and I had a burger.

And it was good.

Well, that's it for today... I'll try to have a more entertaining post up tomorrow


  1. What were your times for all those races...epecially the 1,000? My prediction...I was gonna predict a 12:30, but given your lack of enthusiasm for the race I'll guess you went 13:08. And along with your time what did you place int the finals of the 200 fly?

    Congratulations on your swims!

  2. I actually went a 12:21 in the 1,000.
    And my final time for the 200 Butterfly was a 2:25.08


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