Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hard stuff

How does one make a good decision?
Is it the most likable thing to do?
Is it what will make the most people happy?
Is it what you want?

It is what God wants.

But what if you don't know what God wants?????

What if, let's just say, someone has a class every week.
They've missed 2 days already because the first time no one could take them, and the second time they were sick.
Then their band instructor says that he needs everyone to come on the day you have class. During the hours you have class.
But he doesn't know you have class.
And what if this meeting could determine the outcome of the next 4 years of your life?
What if this meeting was so important to this person, they didn't want to miss it for anything??


What about the commitment to the class?
Should this person miss another class for this meeting?
Or should this person go to class and miss this meeting?
And what if your band teacher can't meet with you any other time?

Now, saying this person was you, what would you do? How would handle it?

Let me know with a comment below....


  1. Have you talked to the teacher who teaches the class? Maybe there is more wiggle room here than you think.

  2. Hi Tia! I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog button, so if you could change the old one that's on your sidebar, that would be GREAT! See ya!

    ~Emily Joy

  3. I would talk to the teacher of the class and see if you could miss one more the the important band meeting. I would talk to my parents and see what they think as well.

    I am still working on the blog button probably, I haven't forgotten!
    I'll have more free time today, so I'll tell you when i figure it out.


  4. Aunt Lala-
    I actually talked to my band teacher again and he said he could meet with me sometime next week! So I'm really excited about that :)

    Emily Joy-
    Sweet! I'll definitly do that!

    Haha please don't stress your self out!!

  5. Ok, but please don't feel like it's a priority lol


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