Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny Words

Say the color of the word but not the word itself

So we have a pretty huge amount of words in our English language, right? Right. So the possibility that a pretty large group of that language are funny words, that actually mean something.
Funny words rock my socks.
They should rock your socks too. I'm gunna see how many funny words I can put on here in 10 minutes.
1. Doppelganger- Twin, look-a-like
2. Fribble- A frivolous person
3. Zymyrgy- The chemistry of the fermentation process
4. Turophile- Someone who really fancies cheese
5. Bovicide- To kill a cow
6. Prestigiator- A fancy word for a juggler
7. Mollycoddle- To be overprotective of
8. Nipperkin- An old unit of measurement that is equal to exactly 1/8 of a pint
9. Tittle- The dot above the letter i
10. Flibbertigibbet- A silly, flighty or scatterbrained person

Ok so those are my words, how about you? You got any cool words to tell me? Please do!!


  1. higgledy-piggledy
    in a confused, disordered, or random manner...tiny hovels piled higgledy–piggledy against each other — Edward Behr

  2. These are great, makes me want to organize a game night for Balderdash! -e


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