Friday, February 27, 2009

Good job, Einstien.

Ever had those dumb moments?

Ya know those moments where you're thinking, "What in the world was going through my head?"

I do. In fact, I have them regularly. Here's a scene that would happen in my attempts at a normal human life.

Write this down Tia.
The 500 free is the longest event in High School Swimming.

Panic goes through my head as I realize something never meant to be realized by a girl over the age of 5.

I didn't know how to spell "is".

I stop after "free", dread running through my every vein as I try to locate the correct spelling of the simplest word in the English language.

Are you done with that?

What do I do?
What do I say?

I can't ask for the spelling of "is" I'm not that stupid.

Finally it comes to me. I finish scrambling the rest of the words onto the page and continue on with the rest of my day. Embarrassed?

Am I the only one? Do I really experience these things alone?

Am I really... the freak???

Mr. Reynolds sent me this video... it's pretty funny :) Thanks Mr. Reyonlds!


  1. I know the feeling! I'm the speller of the family, but sometimes I'll be writing and I'll stop and be like " do you spell 'their?" It's funny after a while, but it's freaky when it happens! :)

  2. That is your dad's humor 100%.

  3. What a hysterical little movie! =P

  4. M. Elin N. -
    Haha, I know right? It's the same here.

    Aunt Lala-
    Can ya tell we're related?? haha

    Mr. Reynolds sent it to me! lol I loved it!

  5. Only Mr. Reynolds would have an obscure video like that readily on demand...


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