Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So funny

So I know I already posted, but this was just too funny.

All credit goes to Brian Regan.


  1. I have writen another post, and all current followers NEED to go over there. I am sorry, but yes, this is a copyied message. Even if you follow blog, I still need you to stop following 'As one of Seven'. That way I will delete it sooner.

    Lauren Ann

  2. Funny... I don't listen to comedians too much but this one is funny! I will follow your blog!~ I know the feeling of wanting more followers! It totally brightens my day when i see one more on there! Great blog! Love the blog description :) :).

    Please follow my blog! It is

    Thank you, and great blog!

  3. Hannah-
    Sweet! Thanks for coming over here! I will most definitely follow you!
    Lol, I love this guy. He's so funny!



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