Sunday, February 15, 2009

Late post

Alright so I'm sorry this is a late post, but I was determined to post today.

I just got back from my (almost) 10 year old cousin's birthday party and I learned some interesting things.
My uncles were mean!
I learned that they chased my mom around with hatchets and shovels giving her permanent marks on her ankle and in between her thumb and pointer finger.

More tomorrow... and I'll actually write a post this time...


  1. well that's interesting.
    in a weird way.

  2. odd... huh, learn somethin new everyday, huh? LOL :o)

  3. I'm freaked out about your family, Tia!!! :P Just kidding.

  4. Marissa-
    Haha yeah, I really had no idea what to write about
    Haha yes you do
    As well you should be :)


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