Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog work

So I've been told my blog is a little difficult to read with the old background... I'm gunna see if I can dig up a few backgrounds that might be easier to look at.

Alrighty, so I've vamped up the blog a lil bit, I think it looks kinda cool...

BTW- the pink panther is totally random, but he's playing a saxophone which automatically makes him awesome. Therefore, worthy of the top spot of my blog... :)

Let me know if you like/hate it by leaving a comment! Feedback rocks =D


  1. Well you know, the pink panther theme IS played on a sax.

    It sounds REALLY cool too

  2. The old one was pretty cool (with the polka dots and all), but you're right... it was hard to read. I LOVE the new one!! And the Pink Panther is pretty cool too. :)

  3. A-
    Haha my dad was just saying today I should try and figure it out, cause that would be so cool.
    Yeah, I figure this one is allot easier to read... and it matches my panther :)


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