Friday, February 13, 2009


Swimming messes up almost every part of a persons body!

So, we've been in intense training for about 4 months now.

Intense training is just doing extremely hard sets once or twice a night, and the rest are just hard.

But of course, Coach Nick is my coach this week.

Coach Nick is a bandanna-wearing skater-dude type of guy.

All the officials at meets hate him.

His sets are beyond painful. They are the kind of thing where you look up and say "Lord, just take me now."

They've been tearing our muscles down for months, and now I learn we aren't going to taper!!!!!

This ticks me off cause I need taper. He says that since we are young (13 and 14) our bodies aren't ready for that kind of thing. Taper only works on fully developed bodies. But, never once has he stopped to think that maybe some people's bodies are differently built.

One girl in my lane is like 5'9" she's very athletic, as opposed to me who is 5'2" and just has some muscle. Another girl is 4'10" and muscular.

Some bodies need taper, it always works for me! I always go faster when I'm tapering.

And now during the hardest part of the season, I'm getting the Swimmers Shoulder.

This really stinks.

I know heat won't do any good because it will sooth it right away, but tomorrow I will be in extreme pain. I know I have to ice it, and I am.

But does anyone know of anything else that may help? I can't even lift it with out grimacing....


  1. ice...and...some sort of anti-inflamatory ibuprofen...and some stretching. But first and foremost ICE AND IBUPROFEN. And one more thing...get used to it. have to accept that when you're swimming hard your shoulders are probably gonna be sore. THEN...when this season is over and you get a little rest then you can start doing some shoulder strengthening exercises - then perhaps next year your shoulders wont be as sore. HANG IN THERE!

  2. Ok, I've been icing it all day... but I think I'm about to kill this bag. It keeps falling off.
    My swim season isn't over until August! :'( That means months of shoulder pain ... and ibuprofen... and ice...
    Ah, the swimmers life...

  3. The Swimmer's Life...Tis GRAND...ain't it?

  4. Must be. We both have been sucked into it :)

  5. The only thing I know is Ibuprofen.................... and ice =D


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