Friday, February 20, 2009

1000 yards to go...

So today, I am swimming the 1,000 at C.V.

Yes, you read that correctly.

1,000 yards.

40 lengths.

Please do not get the notion that I will be enjoying any part of this.

Cause I won't.

For those of you who nothing about swimming, there are many types of swimmers.
There are the sprinters(50 yards, 100 yards, sometimes 200 yards)
There are the mid-distance strokers(200 yards stroke*, 400 yard I.M.)
There are the mid-distance sprinters (200 yard free, 500 yard free)
Then there's distance swimmers(500, 1,000, 1,650)

I am a sprinter.

I sprint.

I do not swim long distances, nor do I have any warm feelings toward continual pain. My coaches say I need to work hard during it.



Not gunna.

I'm planning on just keeping my stroke long and steady the whole time. And that be it.

And yet... I'm still nervously freaking out about it.
=O shocker.

And I must say, contrary to popular belief, 1,000 yards in the water and 1,000 yards on land are soooooo much different.

Because of the water being much denser than air, it take much longer to trudge through it. Even though the swimmer is using both hands and feet.
A normal 1,000 takes around 12 minutes for distance swimmers.

For me?
Ha. I don't expect to even see a 12 even near my lane.
I'm thinking more 14 or 15. =D

And even if I do get a 12-something, it doesn't mean I'm a distance swimmer. It only means I went through the pain.


  1. I hate to break it to you sweetie...but you might just be a DISTANCE swimmer. Or put another way...a distance swimmer who thinks she's a sprinter...and after all...every distance swimmer thinks they're a sprinter - or at least WISHES they were.

    A question you can ask yourself is "do I have more success, compared to the competition, in the sprints or the distance?" OR...just maybe you'll be one of those swimmers who has success in every event. Fight it all you want, but eventually, you might have to admit...that yes...YOU will be most successful swimming distance.

    And I would think, for you - a musician, that you'd have a bunch of great songs to play in your head while you're traveling those 66 lengths. Pick a song or two to play in your head while you swim the 1,000 and you'll be seeing RED from your counter before you know it.

    And speaking of your counter - who's gonna count for you?

    And lastly, on the topic of Sprinter vs. Distance Swimmer - the old saying goes; "When the going gets tough, Sprinters get out."

    I look forward to hearing how the 1,000 went - GOOD LUCK!

  2. ewww stinks for you see I'm wayyyy to slow to do that sometimes it pays to be slow

    PS: you are a distance not a sprinter

  3. hey tia when you read this go to your living room

    PS: go to belles and Olivias room to!!!!!

  4. Love the post - I think I'll forward it to your coaches.

  5. That stinks, although it might turn out that you are a good distance swimmer, who knows. Why did you get selected to do the 1000 yard one if you are a sprinter(you might be able to tell i'm not to familiar with swimming:).
    Well, when you are out there just know that you are much better than most people. Good luck!You will feel so much better when its over I bet. Then you might have to do another one like it....Let's not go there.. Good luck today(even though it is probably over)!


  6. Hey Hannah-
    My mom chose the event for me... I didn't want to do it.
    I didn't do very well, and I'm not planning on doing it again any time soon lol


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