Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm sure I'm going to here a lot of grief for this, but... here goes

I don't get Twilight, I honestly don't. I'm sure it's written in a way that draws the readers in to the point of them not being able to get up to go to the bathroom. Even when they really, really have to.
But seriously, if you can read a book that size in two days, what are you getting out of it?
You might as well read The Cat in The Hat, at least that's a classic ;)

From what my sister and mother(yes, my mom is reading them) have told me about the books, they are classic love stories.

Boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love with girl.
Girl meets boy.
Girl falls in love with boy.
But boy and girl cannot have each other.
They get together anyway.

Now, mind you, I haven't read the books or seen the movie. So all of this is from an ignorant childlike point of view.
But, if an author is using two to four letter words throughout the entire book, then who couldn't read it?
Even my 3 year old cousin could probably make it through most of the book.
From what I've heard, people are saying these books are the new Harry Potter. But, if I'm not mistaken, didn't J.K. Rowling actually have a vocabulary?
I have nothing against anyone that reads the books. I have nothing against the books. I have nothing against the author. I just won't read the books.
I'm planning on becoming the world's only person that hasn't read one word of any of those books.

{Edited out for purposes not known to anyone outside of me}

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  1. So...Tia...I couldn't pass up commenting on Twilight. : ) As a 6th grade teacher, I've definitely advised my gals at school to stay away from these books for a few reasons. I'm so with you on the lack o' vocab and challenging writing. They certainly shouldn't be winning any writing awards anytime soon. I read the books, all of them. It took me a while but I did "enjoy" them although they really presented not only a healthy view of love but, as a single, lots of major contentment issues arose for me as I read. That's another story! : ) Anywho, thanks for the oh so fun thoughts. I truly enjoyed them. : ) Anna b.

  2. I am not reading the books or seeing the movies ever. I don't like the whole 'vampire' concept, and I have boycotted the whole package. So, we can be the team that doesn't read them or watch them :) GO DR.SEUSS!

  3. Anna B.-
    I'm guessing this is a certain Anna Booher :)
    Thanks for commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, I figure they gotta be good if so many people are reading them, but I'm in an ignorant bliss :)
    But, ya know, I can't help but wonder how you found my blog... :)

    Sara- sweetness =D


  4. I would not, could not, in a box.
    I could not, would not, with a fox.
    I will not read them with a mouse.
    I will not read them in a house.
    I will not read them here or there.
    I will not read them anywhere.
    I do not like vampire love stories..., Tia-I-am.

  5. Hahahaha, I wish I would think of that stuff!!! Thanks Uncle Matt :)

  6. Well, I try to read the books the kids are reading especially if I think they could be controversial. I was 3/4 of the way through when a Michael P. borrowed it and I have not received it back.
    I wasn't loving it..
    I found it oogie.
    I may have loved it when I was your age, but now- it's too much drama and intensity.
    You may want to at least read a chapter or two so that you can have a real opinion on the writing style and having read it will give you much more leverage in a conversation.
    And we all want leverage, do we not?

  7. Yeah, I realize that I'm being a tad legalistic about it. I'll probably end up reading a little bit of the first book and see what the outcome is.
    Knowing me I'll probably end up liking it :) haha

  8. To tell you the truth... I've never heard of the series before. I admit it; I am a total ignoramus on novel things like that. (So sorry for the cheesy pun on novel). I bet they are pretty good books, but for someone like me walking through a very romantic stage of life (if you know what I mean), they probably wouldn't be the best choice for me. :)

    Tia-- you have an uncle Matt?? So do I! Sweetness...

  9. Haha, yeah I have an Uncle Matt, he swims too, dontcha Uncle Matt? lol

  10. And I totally know what you mean by "that stage of life"...

  11. hi Tia it is your sis Olivia. but
    i never read your blog

  12. LOL sorry- another person who will not read Twilight!! LOL I will not read Twilight. It seems utterly stupid.

    Oh, and I like you. You don't like Twilight!!! That is one ofthe fast ways to get into my good graces, hehe


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