Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes folks, it's that time of year again.
Time to bring out the scooter.

What's a scooter, you ask?

Well... a scooter is like a motorcycle wanna-be. Ours only runs on 80 cc's.

Very small.

A very small motorcycle runs on 125. That doesn't make it less fun to ride though :)

However, you can't drive ours on any highways.
You can't drive ours in heavy traffic.
You can't drive ours for a long time.
And you can't go over 35 mph (technically, you can, but it doesn't usually)

Yep. That's what a scooter is. And we have one.

Can you tell we're dorks?


  1. our whole neighborhood scooters, but on the old fashioned kind. y'know, powered by your legs. your scooter sounds fun!

  2. I think electric scooters are so fun-looking!
    I've done those old-fashined self-powered ones, of course (who hasn't?) but never ridden on an electric one. :)

  3. A 125 motorcycle? What kind of loser would ride on one that small?

  4. Halestone-
    We have a ton of those here too!

    They are fun lol

    Mr. Reynolds-
    I was thinking of you when I wrote that haha

  5. Sweet! I want one...or maybe a loser-ish 125 cc bike :-P


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