Monday, April 13, 2009

The iPod wonder

What is it that some people have against iPod's?

Do any of you have something against them?

I find them wonderful. Especially when you get out of cleaning your room because you couldn't hear since you had your cousin's music playing.

Besides that, they bring people together.
Imagine a girl who'd been dying for the iPod Touch saw someone sitting down while they were at a kid science convention. This kid had the exact model our girl wanted.
The girl had never met this person before, but since they were in a relatively safe environment, the girl decides to be friendly and strike up a conversation.
The iPod comes in handy when an awkward moment arrives and saves the two girls from embarrassment.

It's a conversation piece.

Anyone who has a problem with it, lemme give you a helpful hint...

Get over it.

Not one person cares about why you don't like it. Everyone else likes it.

I mean, jeez, they are so much fun, too.
Especially the iPod Touch
Whenever I see my cousins,. we play with it.
We hang out.
We talk.
I have one cousin who loves, loves, loves Star Wars.
I use the light saber app and move it around and he laughs like there is no tomorrow.

It's good for the soul, not to mention how calming music can be sometimes.

I'm sure most of you know what I mean.

Do you have an iPod?

What kind?

Do you like it?

I do.


  1. Sometimes I like my IPOD better than people.
    (Except you and and Uncle Matt of course)

  2. I have an iPod touch. It's de awesomeness. Of course, the only reason I have one is because I won it for free at a youth rally last year, but that's neither here nor there.

    Anyway: I totally agree with you! iPods are cool, but I do think they can get to be a bit of a distraction. Like when you're supposed to be reading your Bible, but are too immersed in your iPod, LOL

  3. Aunt Laura-
    Awe :)
    I feel special :)

    Yeah, sometimes that happens to me

  4. A lot of my friends are against iPod's and iTunes in general, and most of them have the Zune. I agree the Zunes are sweet.

    I have the 80GB Classic (the newer classic) and I love it. I do have some problems with it occasionally though. And I don't mind iTunes that much.. except for the fact my computer can't handle it at all. Plus I rarely listen to my iPod anymore. I listen to my CD's in my stereo when I'm at home.. my radio when I'm driving, and when I'm at school I'm either listening to the teacher or talking to people. The only time I ever listen actually is when I'm in bed.

  5. I wish i had an ipod. so much. but i cant get one until i pay for it.

  6. i play on yours sometimes I LOVE IT but i'm your sister so im steping away I LOVE U I TOUCH

    if i got stuff wroung like that DELETE if that is how spell it

  7. Kayla-
    Yeah, that's when I listen to mine the most too.
    Well, the iPod shuffle is only 49 dollars... that may be in you budget :)

  8. CDs are cooler. And you get that little book that has the lyrics and whatnot ;) :P

    Thanx for following me.

  9. guitargirl-
    I have to agree with you on that one. I buy the CD with the lyrics then download it onto my iPod :) then I can sing along while mobile hahaha

  10. Do I like iPods? Yes. I have 5.

    3rd Generation 20GB- still works just fine. I love it!
    4th Generation 20GB- from a friend, was broken. Seems to be working fine now...
    5th Generation 30GB- Harddrive is Toast. I really want to make it run on flash...
    2nd Generation Nano 4GB- Blue. Probably my favorite iPod yet. It feels so nice in your hand...
    1st Generation Touch 32GB- More of a PDA than a music or game machine. I have more productivity apps than anything else...

    Strange as it sounds, I'd still like to get one more- an original, first gen 5GB model.

    I rarely listen through headphones. Most of the time, I have it plugged into a pair of speakers. I love the convenience of being able to select any song at a whim.

    Am I against the Zune? Yes and no. The hardware is fantastic- the first generation was a bit weird, but these latest models are very solid. My gripe is in the software. I hate it. Very counter-intuitive. Both the desktop version and its portable counterpart drive me near insane. With some work, I think the Zune could be a very nice PMP.

    As per music buying, I do most of mine digitally. If it is something I REALLY like (Lord of the Rings soundtracks, for example) I grab it on CD. Even then, I go to or Half Price Books. Often, the item is around 2 bucks. Me likey.

    Lyrics? iPod can display lyrics. You just have to add them to the song in iTunes. If you bring up the information window, you can enter them in. It's pretty sweet. Take a look:

    So there's my beef. If anyone has any broken iPods, send them this way.

  11. iJosh-
    Dang. I thought you only had 4. Haha if I find anyone with a broken iPod I'll send them your way

  12. I have the ipod shuffle. It's small and portable with great sound. I think people who don't like ipods associate the apple symbol with arrogant "mac-only" users. :) Fun post!


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