Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't abuse the pushovers...

In a group of friends you have a mix of different people.
You have:
The Leader,
The Life of the Party,
The Person You Can Tell Anything To,
The Pushover.

I'm the pushover.

I'll be honest with you.
I'm not a very strong personality.
In some ways, it's a good thing... others.... not so much.

It's good cause I get along pretty well with almost everyone.

If someone asks me to go and get them a chair from the opposite side of the room because they want to sit down, I'll get it.

If someone wants something thrown away, I'll do it.

Now, even though those are good things... they can be brought to the extreme

You can be known as "the girl who will do anything."

On the bright side, you will be mutually liked. People will say "Aw, she's awesome, cause she'll do anything for anyone."

On the not so bright side... you get worked constantly and you tend to get a little cramped.

Then you get into trouble.

That's not fun.

I'm not a fan of getting into trouble.

It's not something I like.

But alas, I actually like doing stuff for people.

It's fun whenever someone you are just getting to know asks you to do something (like going to the other end of the pool to get them a drink) and then watch their faces as you go.

That's the good part :)


  1. Hi! i like your blog. can you go to mine and follow it? thanks!

  2. That sounds like Meghan all the way :) LOL

  3. You know, in some circles, this is called the gift of service :-) I have it, too, and it comes in handy, but don't let people get too pushy!

  4. Elrania-
    Sure!! Thanks so much!!
    haha :)
    Ah, yes. I've heard of it before :) But... I can only hope I can get up to that point

  5. Ha! Interesting...I'm not sure who I would be...

  6. wow! i love your blog! 525600 minutes is one of my favorite songs ever! oh and i love your backround too.

  7. i think im the leader cuz i like to boss people, i cant keep a secret and even though im "lively" im nothing compared to my friend char.

  8. hey tia! follow my blog cornet crazie in action and i'll follow yours!

  9. Michaela-
    There's probably a bunch of other people too... that's just my group lol!!

    Thank you!!

    Will do :)

  10. I'm the same way, Tia!!! I've gotten better, though, over the years at setting boundaries. I still have to reset them all the time but...as much as I love saying Yes saying it too often has also led to trouble. : )

    anna b

  11. Anna B-
    Haha it's good to know I'm not alone in this


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