Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to fail math tests with dignity

I'm sure our teachers would love this....


  1. ROTFLOL! That is awesome. You even made my Mom LOL! ;) I esp like the "Find X" one ;) *Is glad her algebra years are behind her*

  2. I've seen a few of these before. I still laugh at the elephant one all the time.

    Happy 100th Post.

  3. *snortgigglelaugh*

  4. LOL! Those where funny! I liked the find X one =D *hehe*


  5. Hi, Tia!

    I clicked over here from A Roller Coaster Ride, and just had to tell you that this post made me laugh--literally.

    Thanks for adding some joy to my day (well, night, actually!).

  6. Oh Tia.
    This cracks me up.
    The elephant is in the way is the best!

  7. Guitargirl-
    Haha even your mom??? that's awesome

    Yeah, these are pretty common I think

    Ditto :)

    I know right? I wish I could do that....

    Ms. Davene-
    Thanks so much for commenting!!

    Aunt Laura-
    Haha any time someone says "Oh Tia" I always think I did something wrong haha... I'm glad that wasn't the case this time! I know! I love that one too


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