Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can you say moo?

In these tense political times, I've decided to do what I epically fail to try to do best. Humor you!

Using cows, Ann Landers shows what each form of government is like.

Socialism: You have two cows. Give one cow to your neighbor.

Communism: You have two cows. Give both cows to the government, and they may give you some of the milk.

Fascism: You have two cows. You give all of the milk to the government, and the government sells it.

Nazism: You have two cows. The government shoots you and takes both cows.

Anarchism: You have two cows. Keep both of the cows, shoot the government agent and steal another cow.

Capitalism: You have two cows. Sell one cow and buy a bull.

What's your favorite out of the few? I prefer Anarchism ;)

...just kidding...


  1. Oh man. the Nazism one was hilarious! I was laughing. :D
    lol all of them were funny.
    Anarchism was pretty great.


  2. i like nazism! kidding. if i could choose id do capitalism so i could name all their babies!!

  3. Being a farmer I think I would choose capitalism :)

  4. Oh, those were so funny!!! The Nazism one was pretty great, but I would chose capitalism! Thanks for that post. It made my smile.

    Love and blessings,

  5. I agree with all you yinz peoples.

    (yinz mean you in Pittsburgh language)

  6. hey Tia!
    Can I copy this and share with some friends? My sister really likes it :D.


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