Monday, March 23, 2009

Part 2- Grandfather Alexander

Grandfather Alexander was a one-of-a-kind man from the very start.
At the ripe ol' age of 12 he built a car.

Yes. A car.

Vroom, vroom.

A car.
That takes major skills I know that much. I mean, 12 years old is like in 6th or 7th grade nowadays. Can you think of a 12 year old in your neighborhood that could construct a moving vehicle?
I can't.

In 8th grade he stopped school because he needed to help his family and start working. He did many things including an internship at a local shop.

When he was older he worked at a Used Car Dealership where he met his future wife.

Everybody say awwww...

After that the Depression came and he lost his job so he moved to Pennsylvania to live with relatives and got a job fixing presses at a publishing company.
These things were huge and very hard to fix I'd think.

Grandfather Alexander also loved to write poetry. He'd write about anything.



the presses.

Anything. He'd write and enjoy it.

Later in life he relaxed and slowed things down a bit. My grandmother and grandfather decided that they would like to buy him a cat.
And so they did...

He and his wife seemed to like the cat so much they got another,
which bred another...
which bred another...

At one point in time they had 100 cats, not including the kittens.

After a while they got rid of most of their cats and kept two.

Now, my great-grandfather had one cat that he loved the most. They were buds. They stuck by each other. This cat was his favorite.

The day my great-grandfather went to be with the Lord, his favorite cat passed away as well.

This is a picture of Grandfather Alexander, and his lovely wife :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, That's cool!
    Love the cat thing =D

  2. Wow, Is this your great grandfather or your Granddad? I know it says Happy Birthday Granddad at the end, but nevermind. I want to learn more about my great grandparents now. COme to think about it I don't know tons of stuff about my grandparents, only, you know, the fun stories that come up. I think it is very cool that you are learning so much about them!


  3. Marissa-
    lol, isn't it awesome? lol

    The post is about my great-grandfather. It just happened to be my grandfathers birthday.


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