Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pssh... eat? Who needs food?

ug. THAT thing.
It's evil ploy to destroy you is slowing creeping up at a pace that should scare even the boogie man.
a scale.
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

Yup, those doctors office scales scare the heck out of me. Last year around this time, I loved them. That's cause last year around this time I weighed a lot less than I do now.
It's true, I gained a lot of weight once I started eating again.


Well since ya already know now, I might as well tell you.

Ya ever heard of those unhealthy diets teenagers go on cause they want to lose weight?


In my defense I only got down to the recommended weight for my height. The weight determined by the government.

Oh wait.
I had to starve myself to get there? That's not cool.

During the time of my crash diet I only ate around 600 or so calories a day. And that's a very high guess. I say this because I monitored it. Every single thing I ate had to be under 100 calories, except dinner, which I allowed 200. I weighed myself well over 10 times a day. And cried if I gained 2 pounds from 5:45 in the morning to 9 at night. I lost around 17 pounds to be the "normal" weight for girls my height.
What happened?
I lost almost all of my muscle mass and my swimming was going downhill.
I got pneumonia. (Which probably wasn't related to not eating, but it sure would've helped me fight it off if my body actually had some weight on it)
One of my close friends didn't recognize me.
And so much more.....

Did I look unhealthy?
To parents, yes.
To teens, no.

All because of a messed up vision the government gave me on how I'm supposed to weigh.

Does the government really want me to starve myself so I can be the correct weight?
For any of you that have seen or met my mother, I was eating less than her.

For any of you who haven't, she's a stick. Skinny as anything. She doesn't eat much, because she's not hungry.

But I was working out 5 days a week on intense training for 2 hours with almost no food in my body.

Call that healthy?

I don't.

Since when is starvation cool?
I thought we tried to avoid it.

I guess I was wrong.

But I can tell you one thing,
I'm not going back.


  1. Starving Yourself Doesn't work.
    If you starve you self, you really only lose water, because your body is holding on to food, so if can live.
    So then when you get down to your weight and you start eating a little more, you body will store that for the next time you starve you self.

    I was going to do a similar thing to what you did, but then I read this diet book, and ya...... that what it said.

    The Government can say what they want, but every one is different,
    so just because your not it the weight for your age, doesn't mean there is something wrong, aannnnndddddd........ When loosing weight if you a working out alot, you gain muscle, which weighs MORE then fat. So you may get skinnier but weigh only a little less.
    So don't pay attention to the scale, it's a BBBBBAAAAAADDDDD thing.
    Also if you go on a diet, less to no bread. bread is like a sugar.

    I could go on, and give you more advice, but this comment if extremely long already, if you want to know more I can tell you, and also recommend a book =D



  2. Marissa-
    Lol ya, I learned that the hard way.

  3. I know... I have seen girls my age at the mall, bookstore, etc and have thought, "Wow, I really should be that skinny, I am too fat, I need to loose weight," but then I realize that just because 99.9% of the population of the world may look like that, I can be the 0.1% that is comfortable with my weight and not starve myself to be 'in'... Glad you reaalized that crash diets are NEVER the answer... LYLAS!

  4. After watching 9 seasons of the X-Files; I have never trusted anything the goverment has said since O.o Not only are they covering up UFO's and abducting people for experiments...they're also giving young girls crummy messages on how they're supposed to look :P I'd like to see how the government looked as a 14-year-old girl ;)

  5. Sara-
    Don't let it get to your head. Although starvation is effective at dropping a few lbs, it's not right. Just cause some people think that the skinnier the better doesn't mean it's true :) Seems like your doing a good job.
    Hahaha, same here. Government is not 14 and not a girl. Maybe they should be

  6. Tia,

    I also play many instruments including Baritone, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, drums and a few others. You have a very nice blog.


  7. You have been awarded! Go to my blog to see.

  8. I'm skinnier than what I'm 'supposed' to be, if that makes any sense. In fact, I've had people tell me I should eat more. (When'll I fit that in...lesse'....uh...)

    LOL Like the other posters said- don't listen to the government. :D

  9. Tia, this post was very interesting to me because I'm a swimmer too and I learned the hard way that eating too little before a swim is NOT good. At all.

    I nibbled on a small breakfast one morning before swimming and after an intense lap-swimming session I literally felt like I was going to throw up. It was not a pleasant feeling and I downed an entire bagel after that. Now I eat enough food, but I make sure that what I do eat is nutritious and healthy and I try to get the most out of the calories that I do eat.


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