Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great Grandparents

Everyone has grandparents, whether alive or not. And most of us know what our grandparents did as a job while in their working years.
But what about our great-grandparents?
How many of us know what they did?
I decided to find out... but I only did a couple.

On my mom's side...
My great-grandfather on my mothers side lived in Italy. Therefore, he was Italian(ya liking my deductive reasoning??). I never met him, as he passed away before I was born, but my grandmother remembers allot about him.
Recently when we visited her we were cleaning out this huge bag of old pictures that included things like,
Bee Hive hairstyles
Frilly tuxedos
and so much more...
But one of the most treasured items we found was a tape of her father(my great- grandfathers) voice.
We got a tape player out and the tape played flawlessly even though it had been at rest for 30 some years.
It was awesome.
I couldn't understand a single word he said, because he spoke Italian. But my grandmother did. And I could tell it meant very, very much. It was a very touching time.

Her father's line of work was shoe making. They didn't have big shoe making factories then, they had to be made by hand.
His shoes were beautiful... this is the pair my grandmother wore on her wedding day.

Yes, these are hand-made from Italy and about 50 years older than me.
The whole shoe is a leather masterpiece.
Even the silver lining underneath the lace is leather.

So I can get more research done on my other granfather(which means calling my grandmother down in Maryland and asking a billion questions....) I will post about my fathers grandfather tomorrow.

(Grandmommy, if your reading this... I'll be calling tomorrow:)


  1. Can't wait to read more! Great idea Tia! Love, Aunt Liz

  2. They look like Cinderella's slippers...

  3. Oooo what pretty shoes =D



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