Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life's short.

Ever heard people say, "Life's short, so do what you wanna do" ? I've certainly heard it a couple times on certain T.V. channels.
I've decided to totally over-analyze that saying.
Because I can :)

What's true about this statement?
Life's short
... yes that's true. It is short relative to God's life. But compared to the lifespan of a fruit fly, I think it could be defined as long. Am I wrong to believe this? Maybe, maybe not.

So do what you wanna do... could this statement get more selfish? I'm not sure. But I am sure that if everyone did what they wanted to do, we have more fat people in this world then termites.
Yes, that does include me.
I know from personal experience if I do what I want to do, and only what I want to do, I'm a miserable wreck. Most likely because I'm very strange and what I want to do is sit on the couch with a bag of Sun Chips (in the Harvest Cheddar flavor :D) and watch Barney re-runs.

I'm just kidding about the Barney re-runs.
Teletubbies is so much better and everyone knows it.

ANYWAY... I know that doing what I want to do, I always mess things up more than I can imagine.
Plus I have to tell my parents... which really stinks.

Am I crazy for thinking this? The probability is strong. However this is what I believe and I'm planning to stand by it.
I believe Disney and Nickelodeon have a estranged view on life. I probably miss used the word estranged, but what I meant to say is,
If that's what the stars are doing, then why are they on drugs?
Why do they get drunk so often?
Why do they swear?
Why do they commit suicide?

In a world where kid-stars are popping out like lice on a kids head, what life awaits them? Are they doomed to a life of "doing what you wanna do?" And by doing what they want to do, being miserable beyond compare?

No thanks.

I'm sorry if I'm the outcast, but that's not the life I want.
If that's the life awaiting the kid-stars of today, Lord help them cause I certainly can't.


  1. Jokes, riddles, stories you wrote, pictures, movie/music reviews, your favorite foods, movies, books, music, etc. etc. :) coffee, animals, paris, london, actors, actresses, bible people, etc.

    (ideas ;)

  2. Nice job - and deep, too

  3. Thank you very much!

    Who are you?


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