Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whoa... cheese is yellow

Have you ever thought about why cheese is, in fact, yellow?

Yeah, neither have I.

But! According to some research I have done at this website, milk contains a yellow pigment called B- carotene. Can anyone guess where that comes from?


Yupp. Green grass.

So, when we are eating our wonderful cheesey delight, we are eating grass. Not yellow grass. Green grass


So, to continue talking about my research, the website said (and I quote)

"The colour is not soluble in water and is thus present in the fat fraction of the milk. When making cheese, the fat is more concentrated, which results in a more yellow colour of cheese as compared to milk."

Which means that...

When eating cheese, we are eating fatty green grass.


I will leave you to ponder.

( I found that picture using Google images, if in fact it is subject to copyright, I don't know, but here is the website on which Google found it. I don't know the contents of this website so I can't be held responsible if it's not to your liking)


  1. interesting very interesting
    ohhh well time to think of a new favorite yellow snack to put on crackers

  2. Really? I heard that it was yellow due to dyes-- at least, yellow American cheese is dyed, I know that much. Because what about provolone, motzerella, swiss, etc? They're white, not yellow? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  3. That's so interesting!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Enlightening post, I always kind of wonder ehy cheese is yellow.

  5. Really interesting.
    Seriously, who knew yellow cheese came from green grass fat.
    This is really fascinating, I still can't get over that.


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