Friday, May 29, 2009

Omg Inbd

Ahhh, the language of texting. Scary, yet time saving. Do any of you know what the title means? Most of you know Omg means: Oh My Gosh. And Inbd means: It's no big deal.

But do any of you know what omgiarotflolacmeo means?

Probably not cause I just made it up.

But go ahead and try to figure it out :-P
Comment and let me know what you think omgiarotflolacmeo means!!

Have fun everyone :D


... Sorry I just saw Monsters Vs. Aliens for the second time and that cockroach.


  1. hferoht verncerncrectner
    (That means..HI TIA)

  2. omgiarotflolacmeo

    Oh my gosh, I am rolling on the floor laughing out loud at crazy, mesmerizing, eclectic outrages.

  3. omgiarotflolacmeo

    OMG (I think this is a legit word by now) I Ate Rotten Oranges Then Flew Locusts Over Los Angeles' Creepy Mellow Evening Oxen

  4. Texting can be somewhat confusing but I do text occasionally.=)

  5. OhMyGoshIAmReallyOddToForgetLotsOfLeaksAndCracksMaybeEvilOoops

  6. Oh my gosh I am rolling on the floor laughing at cats who meow.

    That's my cheesy rendition. =)

  7. Oh my gracious in Armageddon rocks on the flyer leaving a cute whooping m-60.

    Sorry, I am terrible at this kind of stuff! That is my love of space movies and guns combined!


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