Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today I had band at my school... and something weird happened. Mr. Mackey (our band teacher) didn't blow up at us.
"Why would he blow up at you?"
Long story, so here it goes...
On Sunday, December 14, we had our band concert. Mr. Mackey said he thought we were ready, but to his surprise, we were not. Our band was so horrific, during our third song we stopped and restarted. And if you knew Mr. Mackey, you'd know that was the extreme last resort.
Nothing and I mean nothing was more embarrassing than that.
So today, in our first band class after our "concert" he acted calm and normal. We talked about the concert and he said he's going to work with the band and see if he can't fix a few things. But he didn't blow up.
I was surprised. In fact, I think the whole band was surprised.
I don't think he's ever had a more embarrassing middle school performance.
I don't think I'VE ever had a more embarrassing middle school performance.
All I know is, I'm glad to have Mr. Mackey as my band teacher. He's probably the only one that wouldn't have, and didn't, blow up at us.
So, thank you Mr. Mackey =D

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