Friday, December 19, 2008

5:30 AM practice poem

Waking up at 5 in the morning
Is not fun, I will give you a fair warning
Looking at the clock that says 4:58
I have two whole minuets left, that isn't very great

I get up from bed, quite regretfully in fact
Stand up straight, oh what an ache in my back
Walking over to the mirror all grumpy and sad
I step back in horror and see my hair looks mad!

Going downstairs is tricky when I'm half dead
I have trouble walking down, even keeping up my head
The lights, oh the lights! shining brightly in my eye!
This is plain torture, kill me I just want to die

I finally get ready, I am now "awake"
I get into the car and sit to await my fate
My dad drives me 2 minuets to the right
I get out of our car and gosh what a fright!

It's raining cold rain at this early hour
I dash towards the school, heading for shelter feeling sour
The doors to the pool are open, thank goodness!
Even though it's "that time of year", this does not feel like Christmas

I walk towards the pool, my sister in the lead
As she opens the door, and I know what I need
I need my goggles, but I left them at home!
I don't feel like calling, so I kept walking, feeling alone

I go into the locker rooms,
Tori forgot hers too, to my surprise
Oh dear, what a plan we had to devise
We walked out of the locker room, dressed in our suits
And went into the office, looking quietly in pursuit

We found the lost-in-found and took what we needed
No one would care, but mine needed to be beaded
The strap was bad, that I couldn't deny
I pulled out some other goggles and took the strap for mine

I pushed and I pulled, it is now 5:17
Sleep was going through my mind, I could imagine my bed, fit for a queen
The goggles were done and I got in the water
400 yards to start, that's easy, no bother

We swam and swam for 1 hour and 15 minutes
My eyes lit up as I looked towards the exits
It is now 6:58, we took forever to get ready
I got home and crashed on the couch, all I could think was "fall asleep already!"

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