Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tori... Tori!... PINK ELEPHANTS

As funny as this may sound to you, it's a heck of a lot funnier to me. 

I talk in my sleep. 

And I'm not talking about lame-o mumbling. 

I'm talking flat out words.

You could probably have a conversation with me while I'm sleeping. 

Not that it would make any sense of course, but still. 

Sometimes I wake myself up cause I'm screaming someone's name. 

It's usually Tori's name, cause we share a room. Pretty insane.

And I toss and turn like a maniac. 

You think I kid? 



When I go to sleep, I could be on one side of the bed, with my head closest to the headboard, then when I wake up my head is where my feet should be. 

Crazy stuff.

Crazy stuff.


  1. LOL! Thats funny :) But I actually have the same problem but thankfully I only mumble not talk, I think it must be genetic because both my sisters and my brother talk in their sleep as well :).
    Well Gotta go
    God Bless
    Katherine Alice

  2. Me too! Not so much with the talking, but I wake up with my bedroom torn apart (which I apparently did while sleeping). Crazy stuff.

  3. lol! I wake up where my head it supposed to be too!

  4. its flat out darn true and i'm her SISTER


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