Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why am I so tired?

Isn't that just the universal question? Why am I so tired?

It's quite interesting how even after a night of a full 8 hours of sleep a human can be as
"out of it" as I am now. I'd study it, but... I'M TOO TIRED.

Something has got to be wrong with me =/ Oh well... hopefully once I start swimming up again I'll be more energized.

Our stupid school pool had to close the whole month of August.

Why? To save energy.

And yet... they keep the parking lot lights on all through the night... when NO ONE is EVER there.

Quite annoying.

I'd study it, but... I'M TOO TIRED.

I really do hate being sleepy during the school day. It really does bug me that I need to tape my eyelids up to stay awake.

Someone needs to find a cure for tiredness. Now.

Oh well.


  1. I'm exhausted too, but my excuse was because it was so hot last night I just laid awake for hours.

    I'm sorry your pool is closed. Mine just has WEIRD hours in in the summer time so there is less lap swimming and more kid free play swim.

    Anyway, I agree, a cure for tiredness would be great!


  2. there has been a cure thought of! its called Coffee :D! LOL.
    I completely understand about the tiredness, ever since we moved to the dairy farm (a year ago) I dont remember a time when I wasnt tired :P.
    God Bless

  3. ugh I agree! that happens to be all the time and it's so annoying!
    Good to see you on blogger again Tia! : )


  4. Take your vitamins.
    I'm serious.

  5. Cassie- I wish I could give that excuse! It's cold here already!
    Katherine Alice- Hahaha, I will definetely keep that in my mind :)
    Marissa- Thanks! It was just to much to keep it up during the summer... I had so much going on.
    Aunt Laura- I actually never thought of that... I should though... Thanks!


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