Thursday, August 27, 2009

A new year...

Well... here it is... the new school year has arrived.

And with it, goes everything I ever knew.

Haha just kidding...

But seriously there have been some major changes.

First off I'm starting High school this year. A freshmen as they call me. And with that comes the lovely responsibility of carrying the seniors instruments up and down big hills to the High School stadium. (by the way this was only during band camp... which lasted almost 3 weeks)

Then after that, High School actually started.


I'm actually taking a couple classes at the school this year, and I'm beginning to see it may have been a mistake. But it's only the start of the school year, I can't go making judgments just yet. Or at least serious ones.

How do I like band, you ask?

It's ok. I was really excited for it before but I'm kinda really nervous now.

I'll live, I know that much.

But how come everything seems so goshdarn dramatic?

It's like every little thing is the end of the world.


Do hormones really hate me that much?

I know that the world will keep spinning.

But how come I don't know that when it feels like it's over?


oh the burden of teen-hood.


  1. It's hard for everyone..even teachers.
    It will get better and you will grow from it all.
    Not a mistake.
    Not I say.

  2. Haha thanks... it's nice to have a teachers perspective on it. Sometimes I think they like it... haha

  3. Love ya new background! :)
    No sorry, wishing you lived in Australia doesnt count :P. I think I am probably right about my estimation of 4 Christian people from Australia... *sigh* oh well :) makes me all the more special I guess, lol, just joking :D
    God Bless


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